Hannity Spent 17 Minutes of His Show Tonight Covering a National Enquirer Report About Hillary Clinton

picmonkey-collageIf you were wondering how much Sean Hannity is determined to take down Hillary Clinton once and for all, look no further than the 17 minutes he spent tonight on a National Enquirer report.

He literally opened the show with the words “a bombshell new report by the National Enquirer.”

This big new Enquirer bombshell concerns an alleged Clinton “fixer” who purportedly was “working 24/7 to silence any hint of a scandal surrounding the couple.”

This is what is in the actual Enquirer report:

For years, Rovin set up illicit trysts for Hillary, with men AND women. Bill‘s sleazy affairs, meanwhile, were quickly and efficiently covered up with payoffs, blackmail and more.

Jeff Rovin, the man in question, is an acclaimed author (he co-writes a series with X-Files star Gillian Anderson) and celebrity biographer who previously worked as the editor-in-chief for Weekly World News.

Rovin spoke to Hannity tonight and divulged some of those bombshell details. And Hannity kept asking him for more and more details, while defending the journalistic credibility of the National Enquirer.

Rovin revealed quite a bit from alleged plans to go after Monica Lewinsky to how people would pay reporters to if not kill then just dilute anti-Clinton stories to how it was an “open secret” that Hillary Clinton was in a romantic relationship with Vince Foster.

Watch the whole thing above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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