Seb Gorka Clarifies His Remarks on Tillerson: It Was the Journalists Who Were ‘Nonsensical’

On Thursday night, White House Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka was asked again to clarify his remarks he made about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, calling his comments regarding  military matters “nonsensical.”

During an interview with radio talkshow host (and a contributing editor to Mediaite) Larry O’Connor on The Larry O’Connor Show, O’Connor asked Gorka to “clear some of this up” in terms of the mixed messaging that’s been coming from the Trump administration.

Gorka started off by dismissing the reports as “fake news.”

“My comment was that it is nonsensical for journalists not to understand the different roles that the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and the Commander in Chief have,” he stated. “Rex Tillerson is a consummate diplomat of the highest rank. He along with Ambassador [Nikki] Haley created the incredible result of the unanimous 15-0 vote at the United Nations.”

Gorka continued, “But to force him into a position where he has to qualify the military scenarios that we may or may not use… means that The Washington Post simply doesn’t understand the difference between a Secretary of State and a Secretary of Defense and that– that is pretty incredible.”

Gorka then accused people in the media of “allowing their political agendas to trump national security,” calling that “very dangerous.”


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