Sen. Grassley On GOP Primary: It’s ‘A Person-And-A-Half Race’

Gearing up for Super Tuesday, everyone seems to have their guesses about highly anticipated night of the Republican Primary. On Thursday, Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley tossed in his two cents.

Regardless of what anyone says, Grassley insisted, Mitt Romney is definitely going to be the nominee. In a conference call with reporters, he observed: “I think for certain it is a two-person race now and you might even say it is a person-and-a-half race … But anyway, I believe it will be over next Tuesday, and I believe it favors Mitt Romney.”

Dismissing concerns about actual electability, Grassley compared the GOP primary situation to the 2008 race between President Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s no different, he said. From the Des Moines Register:

“The bottom line is that they got together and we will get together. Ninety percent of Democrats eventually agree on their nominee. Ninety percent of Republicans eventually agree on their nominee. So who gets elected president depends upon what the independents are going to do.”

Grassley, himself, has not yet endorsed a candidate, but said, “if everyone else has pulled out, I will support Mitt Romney.”

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