Sen. Marco Rubio Is On A Surprise Trip To Guantánamo Bay, Cuba

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is landing in his family’s homeland today– sort of. The Republican freshman Senator is spending the day at Guantánamo Bay to ” conduct oversight of the facility, tour the base, and meet with the commander of Joint Task Force Guantánamo Bay,” according to his itinerary.

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According to Yahoo! News, Sen. Rubio, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is there in that capacity to take a look at a facility he has called “an integral part in our ongoing effort to safeguard America and it is critical that this facility remain open and operating.” He will also meet with Navy leaders and the U.S. Coast Guard. Sen. Rubio, whose parents are Cuban and came to America in 1956, has never set foot on the island previously. The itinerary from his spokesman notes that he will see the complex where detainees are held:

During his visit to GITMO, he will tour the Expeditionary Legal Complex (ELC), were military tribunals of detainees recently began. The ELC provides a secure location to secure and try detainees charged by the United States government. It provides full access to sensitive and classified information, full access to defense lawyers and prosecution, and full media access by the press. Rubio will see the role this complex plays as the venue where classified information taken from the battle field is presented.

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