Sen. Rand Paul: ‘I Didn’t Think [Obama’s] Views On Marriage Could Get Any Gayer’

Senator Rand Paul spoke this weekend at the Faith and Freedom Coalition meeting in Iowa, and in the middle of his speech he got around to President Obama making news this week on gay marriage. Despite Paul’s libertarian views, he does not support gay marriage, but he does favor letting the states decide (which is essentially Obama’s position too). Paul noted Obama’s explanation that his views on the issue have been evolving for some time, and remarked, “Call me cynical, but I wasn’t sure his views on marriage could get any gayer.”

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Paul also hit Obama for suggesting his pro-gay marriage position is consistent with the words of the Bible, to which the senator asked which version of the book the president has been reading all these years. Paul did make it clear he doesn’t want to be “preaching hateful dogma” against anyone, but he insisted taking a principled stance against gay marriage is part of keeping with solid Christian traditions that range back over 6000 years.

Watch the video below, courtesy of YouTube:

h/t Talking Points Memo

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