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Sen. Tom Coburn: The Democrats’ ‘Plan Is For [Obamacare] To Fail’

Many Republican legislators have suggested that the recently passed health care reform plan (“Obamacare”) is a bad idea that will hurt the nation, but it hadn’t yet been articulated that this result was intentional until this soundbite: Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, explaining the concept of “adverse selection” in insurance buyers, claims that “the plan is for this plan to fail.”

Sen. Coburn was speaking at a Town Hall event, taking questions and explaining his disagreement with the law. Most of his explanation of why he doesn’t support Obamacare is typical Republican fare– adverse selection, high price and low quality of health care being the cornerstone of his dissent. He opens this explanation, however, with the implication that the people who passed the bill, or at least those who wrote it, were not acting in good faith. “I believe,” he told his audience, “the plan is for this plan to fail. In fact, I know this plan will fail.”

Video via C-SPAN [h/t The Blaze] below:

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