Server Who Claimed Customers Left Homophobic Receipt Has Been Fired, is Refunding Donations

Dayna Morales, the server who claimed last month to have been left a note about her “lifestyle” instead of a tip, was fired from her restaurant Sunday, and is reportedly returning the donations she received in the outpouring of sympathy after her story went viral.

Morales, an openly-gay server at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, NJ became a cause celebre after she posted a receipt informing her she had not been tipped because of her lifestyle.

But her story began to unravel when the couple who left the receipt disputed Morales’ story, and provided bank statements showing they had in fact tipped twenty percent. Later, friends of Morales came forward calling her a pathological liar. (Sure enough, some of the details about her military history turned out to be exaggerated or untrue.)

One of the many things she apparently lied about: donating the $3,000 she’d received from strangers to Wounded Warriors; the charity said it hadn’t received any donations from her. It appears Morales is now refunding the donations. Over the weekend, NBC News New York found four people who said the money had been refunded to their PayPal accounts, even one woman in Tucson who get her $1.00 back.

NBC said that the PayPal account to receive donations had been set up the night Morales posted the receipt.

On Sunday, Gallop terminated Morales:

Watch NBC News’ report below:

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