Seth Meyers Buries ‘Pervert on the Bus’ Trump and ‘Spineless’ Paul Ryan in Leaked Video Aftermath


Late Night‘s Seth Meyers is hosting a week’s worth of shows in Washington DC, his first return to hosting at our nation’s capital ever since the famous 2011 White House Correspondent’s Dinner that many people suggest started the whole Trump candidacy.

Meyers dug his heels into his signature segment “A Closer Look,” doing a deep-dive into the aftermath of the Access Hollywood leaked tape that has been highly incriminating and damaging for the GOP nominee. Meyers let absolutely no one off the hook in the saga, directing his aim at everyone from Billy Bush to Paul Ryan, and included well-placed dropkicks of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and of course the nominee himself.

“What’s more pathetic? A major party nominee who talks about women like that or one who thinks you get out of a bus by knocking on the glass?” Meyers said mocking Trump, who appeared to struggle getting off a bus temporarily in the leaked footage from 2005.

“Donald Trump is definitely the man to defeat ISIS,” Meyers continued in the bit, “just as long as ISIS isn’t on the other side of a door.”

As for the now-suspended Billy Bush — “who somehow surpassed Jeb as the worst performing Bush of 2016” — Meyers did note that “there’s a higher standard for hosting the third hour of the TODAY Show than there is to be the Republican nominee for President.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is caught in a quandary trying to unite the fractured state of American conservatism, caught Meyers’s ire as well. Ryan, said the Late Night host, “is so spineless at this point they carry him to and from events in a bucket.” Meyers also targeted Corey Lewandowski, who said that Trump is simply talking to people they way people to talk to their family members around the dining room table:

“Honey, this meatloaf is fantastic. I’m gonna move on it like a bitch,” Meyers joked.

Watch above via NBC.

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