Video Captures Moment Sky Camera Crashes 65 Feet to the Ground in Rio Injuring Seven

All things considered, the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio have more or less gone better than expectations (I’m currently knocking on every piece of wood nearby). I mean sure, Ryan Lochte was held up at gun point and the water has inextricably turned a disgusting green hue, but given the absurd litany of disasters that plagued the host nation before the games, so far so good.

And thankfully, when a Olympics sky camera roughly the size of a motorcycle came crashing 65 feet to the ground yesterday, no one was killed. However, seven people — including two children — were injured.

The moment was captured and posted to Twitter by a nearby user:

These sky cameras are typically affixed by multiple layers of wiring that allow that a full range of maneuvering, and are similar to the ones that soar over the field during NFL football games for up-close video.

A member of the British gymnastics team said of the incident, “I was looking to the camera… and suddenly I heard a big snap on the cable and the camera came down.” Four people were taken to the hospital, and one woman was seen being taken away on a stretcher.

“There was a lot of medical people and Rio staff around. They were very, very quick, they were excellent,” the witness continued.

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