Shark Jumped: CNN’s New Day Hosts Challenge Spelling Bee Champ to Spell ‘Covfefe’


So, if you thought Hillary Clinton had effectively killed “covfefe” earlier this week, think again. This morning on CNN’s New Day, hosts Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo revived the flatlining meme so they could give it its proper death.

Welcoming Scripps Spelling Bee champ Ananya Vinay to the program this morning, Camerota and Cuomo decided they had a challenge for the 12-year-old. Yep, they wanted her to spell the nonsensical word that President Donald Trump tweeted out earlier this week.

“We would like you to spell a word,” Camerota asked Vinay. “It has recently become popular. Not sure if you’re familiar with it or if you know the definition. Do you know the word covfefe?”

From there, things quickly got awkward. With the young girl treating it as an actual challenge and trying to get information to help her spell the word, the two hosts tried to keep the joke going. When Vinay asked for a definition, Camerota told her it was a word made up by the 45th president. Asking the language of origin, Vinay was told it was “gibberish.”

And it went on and on like that for what felt like an eternity. Eventually, the whole thing mercifully ended with Vinay misspelling the word and Cuomo exclaiming “close enough — you win!”

No, Chris. We lost. We all lost.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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