‘She Can’t Stand Him’ The View Deconstructs Melania Trump Refusing to Hold the President’s Hand

Donald Trump’s visit to Israel went slightly off course after a curious incident shortly after he touched down in the country. the eagle eyes over at the Israel news service Haaretz noticed that as the Commander-in-chief walked down the red carpet, he reached for his wife, Melania Trump’s, hand, only to be sharply flicked away.

The View — of course went to town.

“Maybe she thought he was reaching over to pinch her on the butt,” said a trollish Whoopi Goldberg

“She can’t stand him,” said Joy Behar, another frequent critic.

After watching the clip numerous times, The View ladies carped on what they said was Trump’s often boorish behavior toward his wife, picking apart other instances when they said he had been less than gentlemanly — let alone presidential.

Watch above

[image via screengrab]

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