Sheldon Adelson Donates $16M for Israel to Go to the Moon

Sheldon Adelson and his wife announced yesterday that they would donate $16.4 million to a group attempting to land an Israeli spacecraft on the moon. On the moon, guys!

The American billionaire and casino mogul donated to the SpaceIL project through the Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Family Foundation, and could not be more excited to put a Jewish spacecraft on the moon. “As a physician and an Israel-born scientist, I am particularly proud of the positive effect this will have on a generation of young Israelis and non-Israelis,” his wife, Miriam Adelson, said in a statement.

But why does SpaceIL, which is definitely not a washed-up GOP candidate, need Adelson’s money? The Jewish Daily Forward reports that the group is competing in Google’s Lunar X competition, which challenges groups to land a privately-funded spacecraft on the moon by the end of 2015. Unlike its competitors, SpaceIL is attempting to raise its money through philanthropic donations, and with Adelson’s donation, can finally begin working on their $37 million project.

Once on the moon, they also plan on performing experiments, like growing plants in space.

(PS: Anyone in the comments who says that this is a Zionist plot to put a laser on the moon will be zapped with our moon laser.)

[The Jewish Daily Forward]
[Image via Google Lunar X]

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