Shep Smith Mocks BP Oil Exec’s ‘Small People’ Remark

This could almost be straight out of the BP Global PR fake twitter feed. After meeting with President Obama today, BP Board Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg addressed reporters outside the White House to assure the American public BP had their best interests at heart. Or presumably that’s what he intended to say. What he actually said was this:

“We care about the small people, I hear comments sometimes that large oil companies are really companies that don’t care, but that is not the case in BP, we care about the small people.”

Perhaps this is a good time to note that English is not Svanberg’s first language; a BP spokesperson later clarified the “small people” he was referring to were “local people, local businesses is what he meant by that…He just means the small businesses, the local people, the local people affected.” Regardless, it took only minutes for the phrase to go viral. Shep Smith could hardly contain himself when he opened his show a few minutes after Svanberg’s remarks. Then he got serious, noting that Svanberg had gone on vacation a few days after the Deepwater explosion and further remarked on his “scurrying” into the White House. Me thinks Shep has a new BP oil target. Watch the medium-sized report below.

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