Joe Arpaio Claims Double Standard on Racism: I’m Italian, No One Cares About Smearing Us

Infamous Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio weighed in on Eric Holder suggesting his treatment by Congress has to do with his race by citing his own Italian heritage and arguing there’s a double standard when it comes to racism against different groups of people.

Radio host Joyce Kaufman found Holder’s comments ridiculous, saying “there’s no justice in the Justice Department” and telling Arpaio, “everything is upside down in this country right now.” Arpaio responded by asking, “Am I treated badly because I’m Italian?”

He continued, “They use that W-O-P on menus to this day. No one seems to care about that, but if I said something wrong I’d be driven out of the country. There’s double standards around today.”

Listen to the audio below, via RWW:

[h/t Raw Story]
[photo via Gage Skidmore]

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