Shocker: Woman Who Went Viral for Anti-Muslim Remarks Says Video Was Taken Out of Context

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Yesterday, a video made its way around the Internet that showed a woman on line at Trader Joe’s apparently harassing the Muslim woman behind her, saying things like “I wish they didn’t let you in this country,” and talking about how former President Barack Obama might go to jail. According to Jeremy McLellan, whose Facebook page the video first appeared on, the woman who was harassed and who took the video is a friend of his. He says the woman in the video started talking about FGM (female genital mutilation) and was talking badly about a different woman in the store who was wearing a hijab, and that’s when she started filming.

Now, according to Fox 5 DC, the woman in the video (who wouldn’t give her name) is saying that it was “taken out of context.”

The woman told FOX 5 she is extremely upset because the video was taken out of context, and it does not show what led up to the portion of the encounter that’s now gone viral. She claims the Muslim woman on the other side of the camera actually ambushed her, making “strong statements” about the U.S., like that it’s full of murderers and rapists. She says that happened before the recording started, and the conversation escalated from there.

She also  said she’s seeking legal representation. Hm. One question: What context was the video meant to be taken in?

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