Authorities Respond to Multiple Shootings, Explosions in Paris (UPDATED)


Authorities in Paris are responding to reports of multiple shootings and explosions that have already gotten reports of casualties:

The number of fatalities has not been confirmed by authorities yet.

As noted above, the attacker or attackers targeted a stadium that happened to be attended today by French President Francois Hollande. He was evacuated from the premises.

You can watch live streams here, via Sky News and NBC News:

According to Libération, there were multiple explosions and the reporter described the scene as a “nightmare.”

You can see photos from the scene below:

UPDATE –– 4:37 pm EST: Authorities are saying that at least 18 people were killed:

Someone Periscoped from the scene and you can watch the video here.

UPDATE –– 4:44 pm EST: Eyewitness reports and authorities have said that the attackers have taken hostages at one of the locations they targeted:

And one witness tweeted out some disturbing images from the scene:

UPDATE –– 4:52 pm EST: Someone captured video of the aftermath of one of the explosions:

Someone else rotated it here:

UPDATE –– 4:59 pm EST: Video captured inside the stadium features audio of the explosion:

And authorities are now saying the death toll is up to 26:

UPDATE –– 5:03 pm EST: Reports say there are up to 60 hostages.

UPDATE –– 5:15 pm EST: Hundreds of people in the stadium have gathered onto the field:

UPDATE –– 5:28 pm EST: Someone is Periscoping outside the Bataclan concert hall where the hostages are being held. You can check it out here.

U.S. officials have already weighed in:

UPDATE –– 5:59 pm EST: President Obama delivered a brief statement, which you can watch here, via CNN:

UPDATE –– 6:17 pm EST: All schools in the area are being closed tomorrow:

And there were two suicide attacks, authorities say:

UPDATE –– 6:26 pm EST: There are multiple reports tonight that hostages inside the concert hall are being executed one by one.

UPDATE –– 6:36 pm EST: Authorities are, according to reports, preparing to enter the concert hall. Some nearby have heard noises that sound like explosions or bangs:

UPDATE –– 6:57 pm EST: The hostage standoff at the concert hall is reportedly over:

UPDATE –– 7:02 pm EST: Secretary of State John Kerry released a statement:

UPDATE –– 7:07 pm EST: The deputy mayor of France confirmed the siege is over on CNN. Two attackers were reportedly killed.

UPDATE –– 7:17 pm EST: Authorities are saying that roughly 100 people were killed at the concert hall:

UPDATE –– 8:45 pm EST: Five attackers have now reportedly been killed:

UPDATE –– 9:40 pm EST: All the attackers are now believed dead:

UPDATE –– 10:40 pm EST: The figures have been updated for the number of fatalities and injuries:

UPDATE –– 11:15 pm EST: Authorities are now saying eight attackers died; seven due to their suicide belts.

UPDATE –– 11:22 pm EST: Obama and Hollande have now spoken over the phone:

UPDATE –– 11:54 pm EST: French officials have now updated the number of fatalities to at least 153.

UPDATE –– 11/14, 1:26 pm EST: The Paris prosecutor delivered updated numbers the next day: 129 dead, 352 injured, and 99 in critical condition.

[featured image via Libération]

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