Sh*t Ben Carson Says: The Complete Collection

Since his sharp rise in the Republican primary polls, retired neurosurgeon and self-styled worst knife-fighter in the world Ben Carson has become well-known for saying lots of crazy, unfounded, or just plain weird things. Since Carson has actually been saying stuff on video for a good quarter-century, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with both the unearthed and the real-time cray. With all of this to choose from, it’s absolutely confounding that the media has chosen Carson’s fish story about West Point as their hill to die on.

As a public service to my readers, I’ve decided to gather all of it in one place, or as much as the internet and I can come up with. For liberals and Trump fans, consider this a trove from which to throw together your own homemade anti-Carson ads. For conservatives and Carson supporters, just throw these links into a Facebook post entitled “How the Media Smears Ben Carson By Playing Things He Said Exactly How He Said Them With His Own Mouth,” since we’re only including things you can hear, not things by “reporters” that you have to “read.” I’ve arranged them with those you’re less likely to have seen already first, then down to the more well-known ones.

Enjoy, and share with your friends!

Shit Ben Carson Says: The Complete Collection

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