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Sign Of The Times: Chicago Wedding Interrupted By Nato Protests

Hey, remember that amazing picture of the couple making out in the street during the Canadian hockey riot last year? That was both awesomely romantic and a sign of our tumultuous times. But, this year, I think we can go one notch better. Forget making out. How about getting freakin’ married?!

That’s what we’ve got in these great Getty Images photos as well as video of Tim and Beth Alberts, a newly married couple who were wed in downtown Chicago on Saturday. Unfortunately for them, their ceremony coincided both chronologically and geographically with the giant protests against the Nato summit. When the couple went outside to take photos, they found themselves in the middle of thousands of marching protesters.

Honestly, I think the hockey pictures still have the upper hand. While we’ve upgraded from K-I-S-S-I-N-G to love and marriage, we’re missing armed riot police and people actually rioting. These folks just appear to be parading through the city.

Oh, well. Maybe next year we’ll get a photo of a woman giving birth while the midwife’s getting pepper sprayed. That’d be a picture!

Watch video from the Chicago Sun-Times below:

(h/t The Daily Mail)

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