Six-Year-Old Tells Local News Teacher Shamed Her by Throwing Her Shoes Away


Kids are pretty fidgety, right? They’re just always moving and squirming around. That’s just one of those things about children that make them mysterious and sort of annoying to people who pursue, say, media reporting as a career instead of teaching. Luckily, the people who do pursue teaching totally understand the nature of kids and still like them…

…most of the time!

One teacher at Bryson Elementary School in Simpsonville, South Carolina, doesn’t appear to be really chill when it comes to the fidgety nature of kids. Six-year-old Taraji Edwards learned that the hard way when she was disciplined for fiddling with the uncomfortable straps on her sandals by being forced to watch as her teacher threw them in the trash. After being made to walk around barefoot, she was made to retrieve the shoes from the garbage.

The child’s mother, Chartrese Edwards explained that she learned what had happened after her daughter began to cry one morning because she didn’t want to wear those shoes.

The upset mother told WSPA 7 that the teacher’s behavior was “malicious” while the child explained that being singled out is “not a way that [she] can make friends.”

The school district in Greenville County has issued this statement:

Greenville County Schools is taking this family’s concerns very seriously. The district does not tolerate embarrassment or humiliation as a form of punishment. This matter is being thoroughly investigated by Bryson Elementary and by district administrators.  The investigation is not yet complete. As this is a personnel matter, Greenville County Schools cannot release the teacher’s name or the disciplinary action taken, if the investigation determines that discipline is warranted.

They have set up a GoFundMe so that the child can go to private school and they can take action against Bryson, although they haven’t made any decisions yet. For now, Edwards says, “I haven’t made a decision for what we’re going to do further because I need to gain some trust.”

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