Sky News’ Mark Stone Asks London Rioters: ‘Are You Proud Of What You’re Doing?’

As violence and riots sweep through sections London, the rest of the western world can only watch stunned. Earlier, we showed you some of the terrifying pictures taken by British photojournalists, but there’s also tons of video, recorded by Londoners on their cell phones and Flip cameras from rooftops and windows. A journalist however, Sky News’ Mark Stone, was brave (foolish?) enough to go right down on the street and record a pretty stunning video as he forces his camera right in the face of a group of looters.

Fortunately for Stone the area he was in (Clapham Junction) doesn’t seem to be, as of his filming, as bad as some other areas we’ve seen footage of. What’s amazing about this video though is seeing him forcing the looters to speak about their actions. He claims not to be a journalist and, sure enough, the anger in his voice makes it clear this isn’t typical objective reporting. “Are you proud of this?” he keeps asking. “We’re getting our taxes back,” the woman yells back.

It’s a pretty stunning clip. Watch from YouTube below:

(h/t The Daily What)

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