Slate’s Contrarian Ways Mocked On Twitter


178774389_bdd6d8cb93The online magazine Slate, owned by the Washington Post Company, is known for its particular brand of counter-intuitive argument. Everything you thought you knew is wrong, and Slate’s often convincing stable of writers will show you the error of your ways, though sometimes, the knee-jerk contrarianism seems a bit predictable. Now, some of the site’s readers are using the Twitter hashtag #slatepitches to poke fun at the website’s editorial vision. And it’s hilarious.

“Suck It: How Chewing Is Destroying Food,” reads one suggested headline from user emarty. And that’s only the beginning.

Originating with Twitter user Brian Beutler, the catalyst was an attempt by music critic Jonah Weiner to convince readers that much-reviled ’90s rock group Creed is, in fact, “seriously underrated” — a futile battle considering just how passionately most people hate Creed’s combination of overwrought power-balladry and Christian-infused testosterone. Weiner calls Creed one of the most “unfairly maligned groups in pop history,” but Twitter wasn’t having it. “Star Wars I, II, & III, better than Star Wars IV, V, & VI,” suggests Beutler.

Playing the good sport, even Slate recognized the booming meme — “Maybe it’s contrarian for us to say so, but some of these are quite brilliant” — and picked a few of their favorites. Here are a few more highlights:

“Soccer: It’s time to let players use their hands”Adrianchen

“You’ve Got Fail: Why Electronic Mail Isn’t Here to Stay”eee_ess (It turns out Slate had already done this one.)

“Lead pipes and your genius baby”brianbeutler

Windows Vista: Simply Ahead of Its Time?”7im

“Jack Shafer: Why the Times needs a funnies page.” chickendino

“What Twilight can teach us about climate change…”saturdayclub

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