Smerconish on CNN Retraction: ‘I’m Not Embarrassed,’ CNN Holds Itself Accountable

Michael Smerconish is going to bat for CNN as the network faces ongoing fallout from their retracted story about President Trump‘s former aide.

In a Facebook video statement, Smerconish began by acknowledging Trump’s Twitter victory lap at CNN’s expense. Smerconish argued that even though Trump and his supporters are bashing CNN for fake news, the other side of this scandal is that the network is prepared to accept responsibility for mistakes and take action to maintain their journalistic standards.

“I’m not embarrassed about the network at all,” Smerconish stated. “I would be embarrassed about a network, when confronted with reporting that crossed the line or wasn’t accurate, kept those individuals on the payroll. That’s not the case at CNN.”

Smerconish noted that before three CNN employees resigned over their involvement in the retracted story, the network took action by severing ties with Kathy Griffin and Reza Aslan over their recent Trump controversies.

Fox News recently retracted a story about Seth Rich‘s murder, but as we previously noted here on Mediaite, it was never established if anyone lost their job over that news misstep.

Watch above.

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