Sneak Preview Of Piers Morgan Tonight: Anderson Cooper Emotional In The Hot Seat

In an online-only video, CNN‘s new kid on the block, Piers Morgan, interviewed CNN’s “poster boy” Anderson Cooper and in less than five minutes, viewers might begin to understand why CNN is trusting their primetime future in the hands of the British import. Morgan’s unique interviewing style, on full display here, seamlessly shifted between being surprisingly funny and seriously informative, before concluding by eliciting a moment of genuine emotion.

Morgan joked that he was confused to see “probably the most respected news journalist in the world” (Cooper) in a bunny costume, to which Cooper quipped, after seeing that “you probably had some second thoughts about coming to CNN.” From there the conversation rapidly turned towards Cooper’s career-defining reporting during Hurricane Katrina and in Haiti, to which Cooper reflected on interestingly. However, what caught Cooper completely off-guard was Morgan’s deep, provocative question, wondering what Cooper’s single greatest moment in his life was, “the one you would want to relive before you die?”

If all of Morgan’s interviews are this revealing and entertaining, then Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow better be fearful, because CNN will soon be alive and kicking weekdays at 9.

Watch the clip from below:

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