SNL Launches ‘The Hunt for Hil’ to Find Clinton in the Forests of New York

screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-12-12-10-amHillary Clinton hasn’t done many public events since the election, but since people keep randomly spotting her in the woods, Saturday Night Live decided to launch a wilderness hunt and pursue her like the elusive sasquatch.

“The Hunt for Hil” stars Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney, who set out for upstate New York in order to track down the former presidential candidate and thank her for all she’s done for America.

The two try everything they can to find her, from tracking her footprints, to emulating the “Hillary laugh” like a mating call. When these tactics don’t work, they try setting up a camera to see if Clinton takes bait she cannot resist: a news article about the election recount efforts.

When the two still can’t get a Clinton sighting, they decide to consult a forest shaman played by Kenan Thompson to see if he could find her. As it turns out, Clinton’s not in the woods at all, she’s grocery shopping at ShopRite.

Watch above, via NBC.

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