SNL Pits Trump Against the 9th Circuit Judges in a Parody of People’s Court

SNL decided to have some fun tonight with this week’s controversy between President Donald Trump and the three judges from the 9th Circuit who listened to oral arguments about the legality of the POTUS’ executive orders on immigration.

“He’s asking for broad unchecked power — will he get it?” asked the narrator of a parody episode of People’s Court.

After the judge confirms with the President if he knows that he is appearing on TV court, he aptly replies, “That’s OK, I’m a TV President.” Host Alec Baldwin reprised his role of Trump, who the legendary actor has been playing the past two seasons on the venerable sketch comedy show.

But as far as the ruling goes for the case at hand, it doesn’t quite go in Trump’s favor. “I read the ban, it seemed rushed even to me, and I decide three court cases in an hour,” Cecily Strong says as the People’s Court judge. She even earned some applause from the crowd at Studio 8H when she asserts that Trump “is doing too much,” and that it would be nice to go one day without a horrible CNN alert about the next terrible thing stemming from the hallways of the White House.

Tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Livewhich already saw the highly-anticipated return of Melissa McCarthy as press secretary Sean Spicer — is hosted by Alec Baldwin with musical performances by Ed Sheeran. Watch above via NBC.

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