Snopes and ABC Join Forces to Stop Fake News

facebook-e1462803926896After being criticized for weeks for creating a breeding ground for misinformation and lies ahead of the election, Facebook is finally addressing its “fake news” problem.

According to Business Insider, they’re doing this by partnering with the likes of ABC News and Snopes. Together, they’re part of an international fact-checking coalition led by Poynter. (And we all know how Poynter feels about fake news and the people who spread it on Facebook.)

ABC News trumpeted the initiative, “The Real News About Fake News,” with a post announcing its arrival and ease of use. They said this:

Facebook users will be able to report potentially false content by clicking the upper right corner of a post and reporting it as a fake news story.

We will investigate selected stories that have been identified by Facebook users as potentially fake news. Stories examined will undergo rigorous reporting to determine if the claims made are false.

Stories that ABC News have debunked as “false” will then appear flagged in your News Feed.

Some in the media have already expressed concern that allowing users to flag fake news will empower certain groups — trolls, the alt-right, etc. — to unify and start flagging real news stories, but others are just grateful that the social media giant has started working to address the issue.

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