Snowden Run 3D: New Mobile Game Lets You Play As NSA Whistleblower

Pretty much everyone agrees that the continuing saga of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is basically a real-life action movie, but while we’re waiting for that, MTS Freestyle has created the game Snowden Run 3D, a computer and mobile game in which you, as Snowden, have to run away from the government while collecting whatever information you can in the meantime.

Here’s how the game is described on the MTS Freestyle website:

Join Whistle blower Edward Snowden’s quest to escape from Agent Jake and avoid ending up in Guantanamo Bay! Collect USB sticks and laptops containing sensitive information. Your adventure will take you to NSA HQ, Hong Kong and Moscow Airport.

One of the weapons at Snowden’s disposal in the game is a hydrogen bomb that can remove all obstacles, and can be activated with a call to “Uncle Putin,” and the developer assures all consumers that they have no political agenda here, and the game doesn’t take sides, it’s just a fun runner based on a big news item.

Here are some screenshots from the game:

So will you be getting what is sure to be the ultimate summer game?

h/t CBS News


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