So That Reed College Rape Stats Kid Is Going a Little FUBAR


Jeremiah True, the college freshman who turned his in-class disruptions into a national scandal, has been representing himself well in the media lately. And by “representing himself well,” we mean that he’s written rambling, 16-page essays about his master plan, which will supposedly culminate in his becoming a free-speech activist and the “God of MRAs”.

True, a student at Reed College, told BuzzFeed weeks ago that he had been kicked out of a humanities seminar after making, he claimed, statements challenging rape statistics. While he was held up as a free speech advocate at first, that characterization quickly unraveled, as journalists and students began reporting that he had a history of antagonizing people for its own sake. (Case in point: that time he refused to give comment to Reason after they wouldn’t agree to make the n-word the first line in their article.)

The Daily Beast reported that the college sent True a letter telling him that he would have to tone down his behavior — which included “forcefully and aggressively accosting multiple members of the community by using the ‘n’ word, and continuing to make loud and public references to death and martyrdom in ways that, in combination with similar references and aggressive written attacks online, have given multiple people cause to fear for their safety,” they wrote — or face exclusion and potentially expulsion from campus.

In response, True disputed these statements with the following:

“I have not been forceful or aggressive in any way. I have been open and willing to discussion. I have pointedly used my word of choice, “n**ger,” to startle, shock, and offend the student populace. I am free to refer to my death and my martyrdom as I so choose if I do not disrupt the academic environment of Reed,” wrote True.

Yet the letter ended with the latest in a series of highly disturbing statements that True had made over the past week. It warns, “If you exclude me from the campus, I will rain hell down upon you all.”

True, who refuses to attend his classes out of protest, also posted a 16-page response on Facebook, in which he explained his true purpose in life, which is to become a big deal media figure:

“I am the God of MRA’s [men’s rights activists], Anti­feminists, Anti­Marxists, Libertarians, and White, heternormative men and women everywhere,” wrote True in a different part of the16-page essay posted on his Facebook page, “I am a misogynist and a misandrist, a racist, and a feminist. And now I’m here to call you out on your bullshit, Reed. I made my entire college run for cover because I’m an actual activist. I yelled “n**ger” in public places and nonviolently disrupted a forum on student activism when I felt my rights weren’t respected. Now that’s activism… Gender feminists. I am a biracial, bisexual, non-gender conforming Black n**ger. Suck. My. Enormous. Black. Dick.”

In the same essay, True writes separate missives to Savery, Barack Obama, “my n**gas in the hood,” Kevin Spacey, Emma Watson, and even Anita Sarkeesian (“I demand a formal apology from you to the entire gamergate movement.”) It’s rambling, but his point seems to be that he can use this moment to say anything he wants, and might as well while the public platform lasts.

Again: this goes on for 16 pages.

The author of the article, a Reed graduate herself, notes that students going off-the-rails is such a common phenomenon at Reed itself that there’s an official term for it: “According to a Reed Alamanac published by the college’s alumni magazine, ‘spring crisis’ is defined as the ‘annual campus controversy typically taking place in March or April, just as sunshine deprivation is reaching its nadir.’ The spring crisis, says the almanac, dates all the way back to a 1924 campus debate about smallpox vaccination that became so heated, the college’s then-ill president perished from the stress.”

True’s self-generated scandal — “I was unfairly treated and in response I’m creating a huge media storm for Reed to deal with, as I told them I would if they did not respect my rights,” he told the Beast — broke in mid-March, so that sounds about right.

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