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Soledad O’Brien is Slated to Anchor a New Political Talk Show for Hearst TV

Soledad-OBrien-1Soledad O’Brien has long been a staple of television news. A look at her tag on Mediaite will tell you that. She left CNN in 2013, reappearing on Al Jazeera America until it shuttered earlier this year. If cable news is an ocean of changing tides, though, this woman is a buoy: She’s popped back up once again!

Starting this fall, you’ll see O’Brien on a new half-hour, magazine-style political show. The announcement came today, courtesy of the Washington Post. The new show, Matter of Fact With Soledad O’Brien, will air on Hearst TV networks, so you’ll need to check your local listings when it starts on September 10.

It looks like it will be worth the extra effort if only because it won’t be the typical Sunday show you’re used to. Instead of calling up panelists and analysts who “on bookers’ speed dial,” O’Brien’s Matter of Fact will seek out people who aren’t often heard from. She told WaPo this:

I’m guessing that a 20-year-old in Baltimore has a lot to say about education in America that’s probably more relevant than … the owner of a charter-school conglomerate.

By the time September rolls around, who knows what sorts of things will have happened that will require investigation through a new, unique lens?

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