Some Of The Best Twitter Reactions To Keith Olbermann’s Suspension

If you happen to follow a bunch of political and media types, you may have noticed that your Twitter just exploded. That’s because Keith Olbermann just happened to be suspended indefinitely. We’ve collected some of the best reactions from the Twittersphere here. We’ve also excluded all of the Tweets which just said some variation of “Wow.”

First up, Andrew Breitbart jumped to Olbermann’s tongue in cheek defense:

Dave Weigel connected the story to the recent revelations about Fox News’ donations to Republican groups:

Our own Steve Krakauer refuted that argument:

The Huffington Post’s Danny Shea offered up some history:

Mother Jones’ Clara Jeffery is unimpressed with the news:

Same with Red Eye’s Andy Levy:

A few people, including RedState’s Caleb Howe made a connection, to Monday’s “Worst Persons” announcement:

Our own Frances Martel sees a conspiracy!:

While our own Tommy Christopher guesses at MSNBC’s motives:

Foster Kamer and Chris Lehmann looked to the future:

And finally, a guy who knows what it’s like to be taken off the air:

Meanwhile, Olbermann’s usually busy Twitter is still silent.

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