Some Tweeters Are Kidding, Some Are Serious, All Want to Explain What #AltRightMeans


Usually when something trends on Twitter, some of the mentions stoking the trend are full of outrage that it’s trending at all. It’s a cyclical problem and angry people never seem to realize that by mentioning the trend over and over in fury, they’re keeping it on the board. Trends are often full of people who support them and hate them, but today’s trend puts a spin on that.

Today’s trend seems to be equally loved by everyone participating, though some are using #AltRightMeans to call out what they perceive as bigotry and racism and others are using it to hold up what they see as excellent values.

The topic is getting play because major pundits have tried to explain it this week after Donald Trump hired Breitbart‘s Steve Bannon, leading to an attempt by Hillary Clinton to underscore his alt-right ties:

Here are some whistle-blowers:

Here are a few of the people having some jokes at the alt right’s expense:

And here you can see the people who are defending the movement:

Hopefully, by looking at all of these tweets, you can piece together what #AltRightMeans for yourself.

[image via screengrab]

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