Someone in Congress Put Trump’s Name on Wikipedia’s ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Webpage


Somebody with a House of Representatives IP web address decided to put President Trump on Wikipedia’s online list of people who faced prominent investigations for obstruction of justice.

@Congressedits is a Twitter bot that automatically posts a notice whenever Wikipedia gets anonymously updated by someone using a congressional Internet connection. On Thursday morning, the bot announced a new update:

The only change was that the president’s name was added underneath Wikipedia’s list of “notable examples” of obstruction. The addition has since been erased.

Trump’s name was mostly likely added to preempt the major news that was bound to come out of James Comey‘s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The former FBI director spoke about his interactions with Trump, though the question of whether Trump tried to interfere with an active investigation is still being debated.

The Daily Caller picked up on several deleted tweets from The Federalist’s Gabriel Malor, who initially said that the update come from the office of Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO). Coffman’s office and House security specialists have insisted that this was not the case, and Malor has put up an update:

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