Spanish Town Will Vote on Whether to Keep ‘Kill Jews’ in Town Name

There is a town in Spain called Castrillo Matajudios. Sounds nice, right? Well, it actually literally translates to “Castrillo Kill Jews.” Which might not be a big deal if you live in Castrillo Matajudios, but if you travel from that town to other places and they realize your town’s name translates to something awful, you might start getting judged. A lot.

Well, now the town’s 56 residents are set to vote next month on whether to keep the name or change it. If they vote to change the name, the town will either replace Matajudios with Mota Judios or Mota de Judios, both of which mean Mound of the Jews. (So less of a “kill” vibe, and more of a baseball one.)

The mayor explained, “Those of us who have lived all our lives in Castrillo Matajudios don’t give it a second thought. But the moment you go elsewhere it sounds bad… Nowadays when people hear Castrillo Matajudios they go, ‘What a village. They kill Jews there. You have killed Jews.'”

They’re hoping not just to change the disturbing town name, but to “unearth the Jewish history of the site and even to attract visitors to the area.” Just don’t invite Borat to the party, guys.

[photo via Castrillo Matajudios]

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