St. Louis County PD Releases More Surveillance Video of Martin Shooting

The St. Louis County Police Department released additional surveillance video of the confrontation that led to an officer shooting black teenager Antonio Martin. They released video today showing Martin pulling a gun on the officer, which is why the officer, the PD said, fatally shot Martin.

County PD chief Jon Belmar said in a statement this morning that the confrontation occurred outside a Mobil gas station in Berkeley, and approached Martin and another individual. There was a confrontation, Martin pulled out a handgun, and the officer fired three times. One fatally hit Martin.

One of the new surveillance videos picks up part of the confrontation between Martin and the officer; the other shows the officer retreating (the St. Louis County PD makes it clear he was not “standing over Mr. Martin’s body as erroneously reported by several media outlets”).

You can watch both here:

[h/t Right Scoop]
[image via screengrab]

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