You Can Get a Free Coffee if You’re Willing to be Nice to People


Talking to someone on the other side of the aisle is not always easy. Something everyone can get behind, however, is a free cup of coffee, and you can get one from Starbucks for a limited time if you engage in civil discourse. According to the Boston Globe, Harvard startup Hi from the Other Side an app that aims to help liberals and conservatives find common ground by matching them up is giving out some Starbucks gift cards to people who use the app.

All you have to do is sign up for the app via Facebook, and you’ll be matched with someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum. You’ll each get half of the information you need to unlock the gift card and you’ll have to work together to figure out the rest. Once you do, the coffee is yours.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Starbucks and Hi from the Other Side had partnered, which they have not.

[image via Natee Meepian / Shutterstock]

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