Statue of Liberty Experiences Power Outage On the Eve of #DayWithoutAWoman


Something happened to the Statue of Liberty on Tuesday night and, based on the timing, people are likely to see it as either a serendipitous moment or a deliberate act of protest.

For approximately two hours last night, Lady Liberty was plunged into darkness after her lights went out in New York Harbor. The lights were turned back on around midnight, and National Park Service officials say the incident most likely happened due to an unexpected technical glitch in their electric system.

Plenty of people took to Twitter when they heard about the news, and most had their own ideas about what really happened. Plenty of people suggested, though, that the power failure was the Statue of Liberty’s way of kicking off #DayWithoutAWoman, the movement to protest social and economic inequality on International Women’s Day.

Nonetheless, NPS public affairs officer Jerry Willis insists that the outage didn’t happen to back any protest, and technicians were just working on a backup generator to replace one that was damaged years ago during Hurricane Sandy.

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