Stephen Colbert Realizes Bernie Sanders Has Never Been to Prom — and Offers a Solution

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert dedicated his desk segment on Monday night’s show to the easy-living of Vermont Senator and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who recently admitted in a hot “scoop” that he does not own a tuxedo.

Colbert called this “the biggest revelation” of the campaign trail, which came from an interview between Sanders and Time magazine. “Never have I worn a tuxedo,” Sanders stressed; the Late Show host jumped on the opportunity.

Colbert said that the reason that Sanders was not a fan of formal wear was, “Possibly because they don’t make tuxedos in ruffled tweed.” The host labeled the self-described Democratic-Socialist as the unpopular high school student, and given his penchant for fighting against economic inequality, Colbert joked, “90% of the dates in this school are going to the top 1% of the basketball team.”

With the big revelation out of the way, there was only one reasonable conclusion to draw: Bernie Sanders — who wore a simple blue suit and red tie to his own wedding — never went to prom. Colbert offered an interesting solution to the problem, and it goes hand-in-hand with the hashtag #BerniePromPosal.

Watch the above video from CBS to find out how you can take part in granting a 74-year-old from Vermont his dream of finally attending prom and dancing to “You and Me” by Lifehouse.

J.D. Durkin is the Senior Editor of Mediaite. You can follow him on Twitter @MediaiteJD.

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