Stephen Colbert’s Newly-Launched Colbuffington Post Has $316 Million Price Tag

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert has jumped on the online news aggregation bandwagon with the launch of his new site, “The Colbuffington Post.”

On his “Tip of the Hat / Wag of the Finger” segment last night, Colbert explained that The Huffington Post is worth every penny of the $315 million Aol shelled out for it, but noted that a good portion of HuffPo’s coverage deals with none other than Stephen Colbert, placing him in the unique situation of growing angry while looking at pictures and videos of himself. Why, then, shouldn’t Colbert get a cut of HuffPo’s sweet, sweet Aol money?

In that vein, Colbert decided to launch The Colbuffington Post, a site covering The Huffington Post’s coverage of the coverage other people have covered covering. Interested? It’s worth exactly $316 million. And it has a rather a catchy name, no?

Watch the clip, via Comedy Central:

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