Steve Bannon and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Exchange Insults in Statements

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In a Bloomberg profile of White House advisor Stephen Miller, senior advisor Steven Bannon and MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough took shots at each other in statements.

Bannon has emerged as a key ally of Miller’s, defending his much-maligned cable network appearances where he made unsubstantiated claims. “I’m very sorry that the mainstream media does not like President Trump’s agenda,” Bannon said. “But they are going to have to embrace the fact that they, as the opposition party, who tried to destroy Donald Trump as a candidate, lost.”

“When Joe Scarborough and the mainstream media attack Stephen Miller, it’s just like any opposition party. They’ll try to take out some of the best young people in any organization,” he continued. “Stephen is a tough guy, I can tell you from the campaign. He’s used to being absolutely vilified.”

Scarborough didn’t take kindly to that, providing his own statement to Bloomberg calling the two men “opposition party hacks [who] humiliate themselves by being so ignorant of American history and the Constitution that they declare in their big-boy voices that the president’s powers are not to be questioned.”

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