Steve King Not-So-Subtly Implies Susan Rice Works for al Qaeda

On Wednesday morning, an elected U.S. congressman not-so-subtly suggested that United States National Security Advisor Susan Rice is working for al Qaeda.

If you had one guess as to who that congressman is (and you didn’t read the headline), who would you assume? Yep. Steve King, the lovable Republican from Iowa.

In a nice li’l tweet, King railed against the incredibly controversial swap of five Gitmo prisoners for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an American soldier kept prisoner-of-war by a Taliban-aligned group in Afghanistan for the past five years. Upon his return, details have emerged that seemingly indicate Bergdahl defected from his troop before his capture, while the official narrative has always been that he was “taken in battle.”

Since NSA advisor Rice reiterated that talking point this past Sunday, Rep. King thinks that means she is literally working for the enemy:

And there you have it. The mockery was swift:

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