Steve Kornacki Is Concerned About Smartphones: ‘They’re Probably Going to Implant Them in Us’


In today’s Most Important Number of the Day, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki showed us what is really fun about cable news.

The number, if you were wondering, was 50.8. That’s the percentage of American homes that are now cell phone-only.

Kornacki started the segment by playing an old landline commercial, then enthusiastically announcing, “Ladies and gentlemen, we just passed a major milestone in our country!”

His excitement continued from there as he explained how advanced age among those who maintain landlines factors into the overall percentage disparity and ruminated on how many old Seinfeld episodes had landline-based plots. He interjected “Look at this!” into his exploration of the topic and seemed genuinely excited to be sharing the news. (You know who else is good at this sort of eager deliveryShep Smith.)

Anyway, the best part came when Kornacki got into the history of the cell phone. He said this:

You can just see — big picture — the evolution. You go all the way back to the telegraph. Of course, you know — you have the party lines! Remember the party lines in the 40s, six people on the same phone line? How about this? Remember the car phone there in the 80s? The giant phone with the big cord? And then the primitive cell phones — late 80s, early 90s — the flip phone, and now what do we got? Everybody’s walking around with one of these iPhones. You take pictures, you send texts. You know what? They’re probably going to implant them in us at some point and we’ll be robots, I don’t know!

What a wild little ride and great sendoff into the weekend!

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