Steve Martin Deletes ‘Highly Inappropriate’ Racial Tweet, Apologizes

PR execs weren’t the only ones tweeting nonsense over the weekend. Comedian Steve Martin was holding a lighthearted grammatical tutorial with his considerable amount of Twitter followers on Friday when he got the following question…

…and flung this winner into the inter-ethos:

Martin very quickly deleted the tweet and apologized:

An added wrinkle developed Sunday, when TMZ misquoted (and then corrected) Martin’s tweet (substituting “restaurant” for “neighborhood”), which led to a whole other round of Twittering:

@ImNotHereAreYou made it clear to dissenters that she was a fan of Martin’s and was merely pointing out an inaccurate stereotype:

Twitchy, which initially rolled its eyes at Martin’s “misquoted” defense, later updated its post with the following:

The original version of this post stated that Martin’s tweet denigrated the spelling ability of people who live in African American neighborhoods. A more likely explanation is that he was referencing the tendency of some African Americans to use names that include the prefix “La.” If we misinterpreted his joke (and we think we probably did), we apologize.

[h/t Jezebel]

[Image via screengrab]

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