‘Stop Attacking Me!’: On-Camera Interview with Mayor Turns Aggressive

An interview about criminal charges in the Richmond Height, OH mayor’s office quickly escalated on Thursday, as Mayor Miesha Headen tried to shove reporter Sarah Horn’s camera out of her face. Headen quickly apologized, but the awkward and aggressive exchange continued as she refused to answer the reporter’s questions.

Horn was attempting to ask about a staffer in the mayor’s office allegedly wanted on theft and forgery charges when Headen began swatting at the camera. “Excuse me, ma’am, do not attack me,” Horn is heard to say.

Headen goes on to say that she was denying Horn permission to film; Horn informs her she doesn’t need permission. Horn then persistently questions Headen about her knowledge of the charges, and Headen repeats a promise of a public records request.

“I apologize, by the way, for touching your camera,” Headen said. “We are committed to transparency.”

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