Stuart Varney and Eric Bolling Slug it Out Over ‘Piece of Crap’ Health Care Bill

Fresh off a Twitter plug for his new book from President Donald Trump, Eric Bolling‘s promotional tour continued Wednesday on Varney & Co.. And perhaps surprisingly, things got heated between the author and host Stuart Varney on the subject of health care.

In the pre-commercial tease of Bolling’s appearance, Varney said there would be disagreement between the two on health care. And indeed, the fireworks began as soon as Varney articulated his position at the top of the segment.

“When it comes to health care reform, do something,” Varney said. “Get something. Because anything is better than nothing.”

“Kinda like Obamacare, right?” Bolling shot back.

Fighting words.

From there, the battle lines were drawn as the two slugged it out for a good three minutes. Bolling railed against the current version of the Senate proposal for being too expensive.

“It’s a piece of crap bill!” Bolling said. “A piece of crap law!”

Varney fired back.

“You’re getting rid of the taxes. You’re getting rid of the mandate on the individuals, and the mandate on employers. That’s the current plan. What’s wrong with that?!”

“‘Cause it doesn’t address the real problem with health care in America, the cost of health care!” Bolling said. “You’re doing what Democrats did!”

The two were clearly good-natured about the argument. But there’s no doubt it got contentious.

Watch above, via Fox Business Network.

[featured image via screengrab]


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