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Surprisingly Self-Aware Mitch McConnell Inserts Self in ’90s Sitcoms

After Jon Stewart thoroughly eviscerated Mitch McConnell’s weirdly blank-slate campaign ads/accidentally-released b-roll footage by adding dramatic music, the McConnell campaign decided that, instead of calling Stewart unfunny as usual, they would embrace the concept.

Realizing that dozens of people had cut McConnell into the opening credits of ’80s movies and ’90s sitcoms, his campaign told Dave Weigel that they’d roll with it, and this morning revealed a website with their favorite parodies, culled from the ripe bosom of the Internet. The campaign confirmed that they didn’t come up with the concept, but decided to add some videos of their own, and encouraged people to pick their favorites at, get ready,

Below, some of our favorites. We initially thought that the McConnell campaign created them, but now, knowing that it these videos probably were made by an independent party paid by a superPAC to create viral content are homegrown viral videos, we’re cool with that.

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