Survey: Liberals More Likely To Block You Online For Posting Differing Opinions

According to a new Pew survey, liberals are less tolerant of differing opinions on online platforms. Among other things, the survey took a look at how social networking site users “have responded to political content they do not like.” It seems liberals are more likely to block, unfriend or hide someone on social networking sites than their conservative moderate counterparts.

Overall, “82% of SNS users have not taken any steps to ignore or disconnect from someone whose views are different – or have not encountered any views that would prompt such a move.” But of those that did, 28% percent were liberals, 16% were conservatives and 14% were moderates.

The primary reason was because of posting something they disagreed with, and the second most-cited reason was because they posted about politics too often.

The survey also shows that Democratic users are more likely to post “positive comments in response to a political post or status update from someone else.” Of the 38% of users who said they do this, 48% were Democrats, 33% were Republicans and 37% were Independents.

Furthermore, “a fifth of social networking site users have avoided making political comments on the sites for fear of offending others.” And, not too surprisingly, “liberals and conservatives are more likely than political moderates to have self-censored their posts.”

(H/T Hot Air)

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