Sweden Has Literally Created Helicopter Voting Booths to Boost Turnout

Voting is one of the most basic rights of any citizen in a democratic society. But what if you live very far away from the voting stations? Well, in Sweden they’ve come up with a pretty unique solution: helicopters!

That’s right, the Swedish government is sending out helicopters, with small voting booths inside, and local government officials to make sure there’s no tampering or wrongdoing, to ensure people who live in really remote parts of Sweden can make their voices heard.

Can you imagine this being done in the United States? Probably not, because the government would have to serve a lot more people that the Swedish government. It should be noted, though, that the distance a polling place is from a voter actually has an impact on the likelihood they will actually vote.

So maybe we need our own helicopter program. And hell, let people fly in them for a “Vote over Appalachia” package deal or something.

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