Syracuse Uninvites Journalist Who Was Working in Liberia Weeks Ago

Syracuse University has uninvited Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Michel du Cille from a journalism program because he was recently in Liberia and they have some concerns over the recent Ebola scares. According to News Photographer magazine, du Cille expressed outrage that the university would fall to hysteria, when he got back from Liberia 21 days ago and is exhibiting no symptoms.

He said, “I am pissed off. I am disappointed in the level of journalism at Syracuse, and I am angry that they missed a great teaching opportunity. Instead they have decided to jump in with the mass hysteria.” One associate professor said this was the university Provost’s decision.

Du Cille has, of course, been monitoring his own health for weeks. And he was even at the CDC this week, where he was repeatedly assured that if he didn’t show symptoms between days 2 and 21, then the chances he has Ebola are very, very, extremely unlikely.

Dean Lorraine Branham explained exactly why they made the decision:

“He was disinvited because of concerns that were generated by some students that led me to believe that it would lead to even more concerns. So it was in the best interest of the students for me to withdraw the invitation.”

[image via Michel du Cille/Twitter]

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