Syrian Opposition Leader: Obama ‘Gave Us False Hopes,’ Hopefully Trump Is Different

A leader with the Free Syrian Army told CNN International Monday that President Barack Obama had not lived up to his promises and they hope president-elect Donald Trump represents a shift in policy in combating ISIS.

“I aspire to see a different administration with Trump than what we saw with Obama. Because Obama gave us false hopes, he gave us promises while he was signing nuclear deals with Iran,” Osama Abu Zaid said on Amanpour.

“The destruction of Daesh requires political determination and sincerity, not just accomplishing short term political goals,” said Zaid, using the popular pejorative for the Islamic State. “Mr. Trump, if he was serious enough to finish off ISIS he will first have to be politically determined and to choose the right allies on the ground to destroy Daesh. Airstrikes can never be enough to destroy Daesh.”

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