Taibbi: ‘Bush, Hands Down,’ Was Tougher on Corporate America Than Obama Is

First Look Media’s Matt Taibbi talked a lot about Wall Street on Democracy Now! Tuesday, and argued why George W. Bush was much better at prosecuting corporate America than President Obama has during his presidency.

Amy Goodman asked Taibbi, “Who was tougher on corporate America, President Obama or President Bush?” Taibbi responded, “Oh, Bush, hands down.”

He said that back in the early 2000s, corporations like Enron and WorldCom “were swept up by the Bush Justice Department,” and even though more people went to jail after the S&L crisis, Taibbi argued there was at least some sense of justice being done.

“We went after the heads of some of those companies. It wasn’t as vigorous as the S&L prosecutions, but we at least did it. At least George Bush recognized the symbolic importance of showing Americans that justice is blind.”

Fast-forward to the present day, and no one has gone to jail for the financial crisis. Taibbi said, “We’re now at a place where we don’t even recognize the importance of keeping up appearances when it comes to making things look equal.”

Watch the video below, via Democracy Now!:

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